Sweet Treatment

Where is Super Honey Approved?

Super HoneySurgihoney, the bioengineered Super Honey that is sure to have some competitors because it is hard to patent the output of a bee thanks to some recent Supreme Court decisions, is a novel disinfectant that is being tested in UK hospitals with good results.

What is considered to be an antibiotic is up for debate, since there are clearly some antibiotic ointments out there that can kill bacteria, but you could also say that rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxides fit in to this category. For the purposes of our discussion we will note that internal antibiotics like penicillin are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the body, and in most cases honey is not going to do this. It can probably prevent bacteria from getting into a wound, and may eliminate some bacteria where it has contact, but it is not likely to treat a deeper infection, and under all cases where infections are suspected you should be visiting a real doctor and not looking at crackpot websites.

Proper Use Is Essential

If you aren't a medical professional, and you have ready access to one in a timely manner, then slathering honey on wounds should not be your first choice until they are checked out. A wound could be a sign of an underlying illness, diabetes, or a more severe infection that honey can't help. The use of honey on cuts and incisions should at first be done by people who are qualified to be sure that all the stitches are in place, and nobody should cheap out and reach for the honey bear when injured or wounded. Also, surgihoney is specially prepared, and the stuff in your cabinet may have household bacteria or food-grade stuff designed to stabilize it. It might not be honey at all. Therefore, you should only apply the stuff once you have the clearance to do so, and can get proper aftercare.

Honey Doesn't Go Bad

Ancient honeys from Egyptian tombs have been found to be viable after being buried for thousands of years. However, we do not know who goes around tasting old honey that has spent the last few millenia in the presence of dessicated corpses. In any case, there may be other components in the Surgihoney that may have a shorter shelf life than your average Pharoah, so if you buy a packet with an expiration date it should be heeded.